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Tradefair Dusseldorf - general information

The Düsseldorf trade fair grounds are especially known for their size of 305.000 m² devided in 262.000 m² indoors and another 43.000 m² open space, which invites many companies each year to exhibit their innovations to the public. The company behind the Düsseldorf trade fairs is Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event GmbH and has over 1200 employees, many of which are working all over the world. With annual sales of 323 million euro and 330 days of trade fairs, this company is always busy to make the Düsseldorf trade fairs an amazing experience not just for the companies, but also for all of the 1.2 million visitors, who are coming to the Düsseldorf trade fair grounds each year.

For more than 60 years the Messe Düsseldorf is also organising trade fairs in other countries so that today there are over 100 trade fairs in foreign countries organized by the Messe Düsseldorf. It's no wonder that with its good works this company has now 25126 exhibitors 6 percent of which are from foreign countries. Each year there are 50 specialized fairs and 29 other trade fairs in Düsseldorf all of which are greatly anticipated by their fans and visitors. Düsseldorf trade fairs have divided their exhibitions into 5 different fields which are as following.

- machines, facilities and technical equipment
- commerce, craft and service
- medicine and health
- recreation
- fashion and lifestyle

By dividing the different trade fairs into those sections it is especially easy for the visitors to find a trade fair which is for their liking. For example craftsman and architects should visit trade fairs like Tube or Wire, where all kinds of innovations for their field of work is on display. Though the most anticipated trade fair in Düsseldorf is the Boot Düsseldorf, a trade fair where boats of all kinds are exhibited and for fans of vacations in a RV the trade fair Caravan Salon could become the most anticipated trade fair of the year. One thing is for sure though, if you look at the schedule of the Düsseldorf trade fair, you will always find a trade fair which is going to piqué your interest.

Exhibition stand services Dusseldorf

exhibition stand duesseldorfImportant fairs and congresses in Dusseldorf:

A+A, Aluminium, Beauty International, Boot, Drupa, Euroshop, GDS, Interpack, K - Kunstoffmesse, Medica, Metav, PSI, Rehacare, Tube, Wire and further events in Dusseldorf.

A fairstand is usually only for the duration of some days or a week at the fair. That's why a lot of people think it should be as cheap as possible. But the truth is that a booth is a very important marketing tool and opens new ways to customers. To reach the target audience a good concept ist required. Trade fairs in Dusseldorf may give you the chance to present a new brand and boost your popularity.

Fairsite: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH - Stockumer Kirchstraße 61 - 40474 Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf city - general information

If you want to visit the capital city of the german state Nordrhein-Westfalen you have to go to Düsseldorf. With over 594.000 citizens Düsseldorf is the second largest city of this german state and the center of one of the most important economy zones of Europe. This city at the river Rhein is the home of many important german companies and for those who are looking for help with the accounting in their company Düsseldorf is the right place to start the search.

Apart from Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf is the most important site for banking and the stock market in germany, other than that Düsseldorf is also known to be the home of many fashion designers and companies. The town itself is 218 km² big and is divided in 10 districts with 50 neighborhoods. Also, Düsseldorf is the home of many people from Asia, more like in any other town in Germany. In the ranking of cities with high quality of living Düsseldorf always manages to make one of the highest ranks and citizens of the town are convinced that Düsseldorf is the best town in Germany. Founded in the 13th century Düsseldorf is now one of the most modern cities in Germany.

With 22 universities education is a very important topic for Düsseldorf and many young adult move to this town each year to start their studies. Often Düsseldorf is referred to as international traffic junction, which is mostly due to the fact that the port, train stations and Düsseldorf International Airport are the most frequented in Germany. Apart from the town hall Düsseldorf is also the home of the Bundestag of its state. With many theaters, stages, museums and other cultural places Düsseldorf is also one of the most visited culture centers in its state. German artist like Heino, Campino or Marius Müller-Westernhagen were all born in this town and those are only a few of the stars who were born and raised in Düsseldorf. With over 4.2 overnight stays each and shopping attractions like the Kö and the township of Düsseldorf this town is always inviting for an overnight stay.

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