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Tradefair Frankfurt - general information

Ever since the time of emperor Friedrich II. it is allowed to have a trade fair in the town of Frankfurt. Today Frankfurt has its own innovative fair trade grounds, which is owned 60 percent by Frankfurt itself and 40 percent by the state of Hessen. The entire rade fair ground has over 578000 m² which are used to hold about 113 trade fairs with 2.2 million visitors each year. But the Frankfurt trade fair is not only working on their own trade fair grounds, it also holds 70 trade fairs in countries all over the world. With agencies in over 150 countries, the Frankfurt trade fair is one of the leading trade fair companies in the world. With 1.999 employees across the world and annual sales of over 545 million euros it is safe to say that the Frankfurt trade fair is one of the most well-known companies in its field.

There are over 41.000 different exhibitor each year on the grounds of the Frankfurt trade fair, giving visitors the chance to see their innovations in one of the ten buildings on the trade fair ground. And there are 39.000 more exhibitors presenting their innovation with the help of the Frankfurt trade fair world-wide. Over the years many of the trade fairs in Frankfurt have won notable prizes, such as the favorite trade fairs which was awarded to the companies Light + Building and IHS by german architects. One of the most outstanding trade fairs in Frankfurt is the annual book trade fair, where many notable authors present their latest works and allow their fans to have meet and greets with them. Other very popular trade fairs are the domicil, the Kulinart and the Rhein-Main Edelsteintage which all take place once a year and are very well received by the visitors for the Frankfurt trade fair. A little more exotic is the Rolinski Frankfurt Reptilienbörse where visitors can look at and buy many different species of reptiles; Gesund & Schön Frankfurt is a trade fair for all kinds of products in the beauty and health department, which also has many visitors each year. The Frankfurt trade fair is not just a big opportunity for companies to exhibit their latest innovations, but also for the many visitors to find and try those new products which won't be in stores for a while.


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exhibition stand frankfurtImportant fairs and congresses in Frankfurt:

Achema, Ambiente, Automechanika, Christmasworld, Frankfurter Buchmesse, Heimtextil, IAA - Internationale Automobil Ausstellung, IFFA, ISH, Light + Building, Musikmesse, Optatec, Prolight + Sound, Tendence, Viscom and further events in Frankfurt.

There is often a lot of hectic on events like trade fairs or consumer fairs, so you should put much value to communicate clearly. Sometimes less information is better than to much information. Visitors should remeber your brand and your company - give them a reason to do that. It could be helpful to employ fair hostesses for a good customer service.

Fairsite: Messe Frankfurt GmbH - Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 - 60327 Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt city - general information

Frankfurt is a german city in the state of Hessen, located by the river Main. With an area of 248 km² and 693342 citizens Frankfurt is often referred to as smallest metropolis of the world and is famous for its financial district. The town is divided into 46 neighborhoods and 16 districts. One of the most important parts of the town is the airport Frankfurt, which is one of the most important airports in Germany. Many people refer to Frankfurt as Mainhattan, due to all the highrises which are significant for the Frankfurt skyline.

The first settlements on the area that is now known as Frankfurt go back to year 749, and its often mentioned that is was Karl der Große who was the founding father of Frankfurt. Even though Frankfurt made a name for itself as financial and economy center in Germany, the people who live their like to think of their town as green city, due to fact that almost 16 percent of the town is indeed forests and woods. Due to the fact that there are two big towns in Germany which go by the name of Frankfurt, the city often goes by he name of Frankfurt am Main, using the name of the river which flows through the city to make it easier to determine to which Frankfurt one is referring. Frankfurt is also known to be very tourist friendly and proves this by having more than 4.5 million overnight stays each year. But it is the financial district which really defines Frankfurt, and it shows, seeing that there are more than 200 credit institutions located in Frankfurt, half of which are from foreign countries. Another important part of the financial district is the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as well as the European Zentral Bank, which makes Frankfurt not only important for the german financial world, but also for Europe.

Frankfurt also rose to fame for its culinary specialities such as Frankfurter grüne Soße, which is a sauce made of many different herbs, and Appelwoi, an apple wine. Other famous foods from Frankfurt are Frankfurter sausages. Apart from the famous financial district and the culinary specialities Frankfurt is also known for being the home town of one of the most famous german writers, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was born in Frankfurt am Main on August 28th 1749.

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