exhition stand construction

By the different fairstand-designs, you can get a first impression. You will get individual offers for your exhibition stand by up to three stand construction companies from Germany. It's important for the stand constructors to know an approximate budget for the fairstand. Otherwise it is not possible to draw up compareable offers. If you have further questions, you are welcome to ask our support team. Send us an e mail support@dein-service.com or give us a call at +49(0)8761-7206680.

Compare individual exhibition stand offers - cost free

What we offer is not a tool to get the cheapest exhibition stand or standbuilder - we want to help you finding the best booth possibly for your budget. An exhibition stand is an important marketing tool an gives you the chance to acquire new customers. That's why the design of the booth must be necessarily good. The experienced standbuilder in our network are able to offer you a stand design that fits to the corporate design of your company. There is no risk because our services are cost free - Give it a try!