No compromises - realize your exhibition project in Germany with all the bells and whistles! That's possible with a professional stand builder. Step by step from the first sketch to the finished booth. See the most important steps.

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Useful fair consulting by standbuilders1. Useful fair consulting by stand builders

Before you get a first stand design it's nevessary to find out your requirements and conceivabilities. To define targets is the basis for a fitting stand concept and design.

Send us an e-mail with your basic ideas or give us a call to talk about th possibilitys and approximately costs for the trade show project. Based on this informations and the knowledge of our experienced stand builder you will get great offers.


Fairstand design sketch2. Fairstand design sketch

Following the topics of step one and an approximately budget for the project the stand builder companies will carve out a first sketch of the booth. Usually combined with a approximately cost proposal.

This phase of the project is focused on finding a design that reaches your target group at the trade show in Germany. Depending on the budget it will be an offer for an completely individual or a modular exhibition stand.


Exhibition stand construction offers3. Exhibition stand construction offers

Now that you found a suitable design you will get an exactly proposal for your exhibition stand. If you compare the proposals of the different stand builder companies we recommend you to draw a comparison of the all-inclusive price. Every supplier makes it's calculation a little bit different - but in the end the final price ist essential.

We advice you to compare the visuals of the booth and the calculation to assure which materials are used for realization.


Additional standbuilder services4. Additional standbuilder services

As an exhibitoron a trade show in Germany you surely are not interested in ten different contact persons. That's why full service stand builder companies are a improved solution. Less interfaces often are less sources of errors.

They usually offer services like furniture, event equipment or even graphic prints and fair hostesses. That's often cheaper than to rent equipment your own.


Realization of the booth5. Booth realization

It's showtime. There are mostly only 3-5 days to build up the booth. Because of this fact you should really work with an experienced supplier. The impression your the visitors and especially your target group receives needs to be good. This depends on a good manufacture.

Hint: Check with the stand builder if you handle the orders for electrical connection and maybe water or the stand builder should take care for this.


Project meeting after the trade show6. Project meeting after the trade show

The trade show is passed. Now is the right time for postprocessing. Reflect about the fair-project together with the stand builder and think about improvements for the next trade show. Directly after the event you remember all failures or problems best.

Hint: It's normally better to improve the cooperation than to change the the cooperation with a supplier after a every project. Experienced datas help to make things better.